Yoga Sanctuary


Lackner McLennan Insurance is pleased to partner with the Yoga Sanctuary. Lackner McLennan has been protecting the Yoga community for over 25 years. No one in Canada insures more Yoga studios and Yoga teachers. The Yoga Sanctuary has long established itself as industry leader teacher training and guiding students through their practice in a safe and professional way. After working with the staff at the Yoga Sanctuary, we believe this studio will only refer us the best and most dedicated Yoga teachers in Canada. With this knowledge we are pleased to offer you the best coverage possible for Yoga insurance.

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I paid for my Yoga policy online. Thanks for the reminder about that option.

How my policy reads now with “Yoga Instructor” is perfect. So no changes necessary.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and for always being so helpful and wonderful to deal with!

Have a fantastic afternoon,