Our comprehensive Yoga Insurance policy includes coverages you need!

Our comprehensive Yoga Insurance policy includes coverages you need!

Commercial General Liability Yoga

Our comprehensive Yoga Insurance policy includes coverages you need like Commercial General Liability.

Why do you like to practice Yoga? What attracted you to it in the first place? Recently Karen, a Yoga Instructor from Newmarket, Ontario shared her experience with us.

Karen was attracted to Yoga as a way to relax her body. As an avid runner, hockey player and sports enthusiast, she suffered some back and joint problems. As she developed her skill with the Yoga movements, she felt relief. Not only did she experience physical relief but her mind and spirit and even her soul felt “so good”. Karen loved it so much that she took the 200-hour course to become a certified Yoga teacher.

Karen feels that a good Yoga teacher in Canada “meets you where you’re at”. A Yoga teacher should not have the same expectations of each student but, rather, allow each one to develop individually at their own pace.

As Karen shared her story, the passion for Yoga could be heard in her voice. We believe, after speaking with thousands of Yoga teachers across Canada, that it is that passion which drives each Yogi or Yogini to pursue their goal – whatever that may be.

Our comprehensive Yoga insurance policy is designed to protect your reputation in the marketplace. Yes, claims do occur with Yoga teachers. One of the most important coverages is Commercial General Liability (CGL). This refers to situations where Yoga teachers have little control. One example is if a client slips and falls, causing personal injury. The Yoga teacher may find their name involved in a lawsuit because the injured person is seeking compensation for the injury. Without Yoga insurance, would you have the money to compensate someone for a broken back or a broken leg? Likely not. Let us help you. Apply for Yoga insurance with Lackner McLennan today and make sure you’re covered.