Yoga Teacher Insurance Canada

Yoga Instructor Insurance in Canada


Our Yoga Teacher Insurance Policy Includes:

  • $5,000,000 Professional Liability (PLI) on an occurrence-based  form for any claims resulting from your Yoga instruction or teaching (eg. While guiding someone through their practice you put them in a pose and they hurt themselves, you as a yoga teacher are liable professionally.)
  • $5,000,000 Commercial General Liability (CGL) for claims resulting from a slip and fall for example (eg. A student trips over shoes while entering the class, you as a Yoga teacher are going to be named in the lawsuit.)
  • $500,000 Tenant’s Legal Liability if you rent or lease space (eg. As a Yoga teacher you are sometimes the last to leave the space. If the space is damaged by you forgetting to turn off a faucet or leaving a light on this coverage defends the lawsuit.)
  • Free legal advice from a professional lawyer
  • $25,000 Legal Expense Coverage (These coverages reimburse you once your are found innocent against an civil or criminal lawsuit coming from you working as a Yoga teacher.)
  • $10,000 Criminal Expense Coverage
  • $10,000 Exclusive Personal Protection Policy (As a yoga teacher your practice is mobile, if the space you usually work is damaged we can help you offset your lost income while you work at other studios, community centre’s etc.)Yoga-Instructors-Yoga-Mat
    • Provides Coverage for your:
      • Contents in the Yoga Studio
      • Contents in Transit or Unnamed Locations
      • Loss of Income
      • Valuable Papers (Your Accounting or Membership Information)
      • Cash/Cheques/Deposits
      • Your Technology (Computers and Media)
      • Plus 14 Additional Coverages *See policy wordings (EP04N – RMT EDGE for complete details)

Yoga Teacher Insurance Canada


So, you enjoy the remarkable profession of being a Yoga instructor in Canada and you are wondering about insurance. Here at Lackner McLennan Insurance, we are proud to be Canada’s premier Yoga instructor insurance provider. As a Yoga teacher, you pride yourself in your discipline. However, the idea of needing insurance might be the furthest thing from your mind. You can trust in our policy which offers coverage to 90% of Yoga teachers in Canada.

As a Yoga teacher, you have the responsibility to guide your students through their participation in the safest way possible. That statement alone opens you up to a vast array of risks you probably did not even consider specific to Yoga instructors. Not to worry. With the experience providing insurance to Yoga teachers in Canada over the last 20 years, we have created a policy that manages those risks. Our society can be very litigious and lawyers will tell victims they have a right to millions because they were mildly injured during your practice. By providing Yoga Insurance for so many instructors in Canada, we have seen a wide array of claims. Everything from your instruction to other areas where you have less control, our policy can provide you for those lawsuits that may arise. You want a policy that offers the best coverage for Yoga teachers.

Our policy protects you where you truly need coverage. You may have many questions about Yoga instructor insurance in Canada. We have the answers. In addition to Canada wide coverage, you also have the ability to insure multiple modalities under one policy and receive excellent service.

The easiest way to get insurance as a Yoga Instructor, is to APPLY ONLINE FOR YOGA INSTRUCTOR INSURANCE  or DOWNLOAD AN APPLICATION. After completing the application, just email it to (Note: We do not accept .zip files) or fax it to 519-579-1151. Once received and approved, your insurance policy certificate will be emailed to you within two business days.