Studio Insurance For Yoga, Pilates, or Fitness Studios

Studio insurance that will stretch out the value of your dollar.

You’ve worked hard to open your studio. You work countless hours to prepare for clients in order to have the best experience for them. You have professional instructors lined up to rent your space as well. The lights are on and the doors are open. You’re all ready. Or are you?

Imagine a fire breaks out due to faulty wiring. Or a pipe bursts as another example and floods which causes severe damage to your new flooring. Neither of these examples will be your fault, accidents happen, but not having the proper insurance is. Do you have the correct studio insurance in place to cover these and other risks your business faces?

What Coverage Can You Expect

Our studio policy is extremely comprehensive which is exactly what you need as a studio owner. We offer insurance for your Yoga studio, Pilates Studio or Fitness Studio at an affordable cost with the best coverage in order to protect you. With our experience of insuring over 500 studios we have the industry expertise you need.

We take the time to understand your business and recommend the coverages and protection best suited to your business.

Coverage such as:

  • Business Interruption. In the event of even the smallest fire, a studio could be shut down for days or weeks. This coverage will provide for your ongoing expenses as well as lost income.
  • Contents and Building. A fire can mean reconstruction costs can easily climb into the $1000’s for a small Yoga, Pilates or Fitness studio. Making sure you have adequate coverage to protect your investment is essential.
  • Professional Liability. LMI Canada is pleased to bring you an exclusive Professional Liability and Business Owners Insurance Program. We have been providing professional liability to alternative healthcare practitioners for over 20 years. We understand the importance of providing you with quality insurance at affordable prices.
  • Commercial General Liability. In the event that a lawsuit is brought forth because someone was to slip and fall while walking in or out of your studio is an example of how CGL can help protect you.

Are You Opening a New Fitness, Pilates, or Yoga Studio? Look No Further!

Thinking of opening your own Yoga studio, Pilates Studio, or Fitness Studio? Wondering if your current studio insurance has the coverage you need? We know there are 100’s of factors to consider. Things like location, the number of classes and what fitness and health styles to offer. We want your studio insurance to be one of the easiest parts of opening your business. Therefore, we have created one of the most comprehensive studio insurance policies available, allowing you to feel protected and have peace of mind.

Over the last two years, we have successfully insured 100 brand new studios with 80% of our clients older than 3 years. Our main focus is to make getting yoga, pilates or fitness studio insurance an easier part of your initial business planning.

Our studio insurance policies are:

  • Highly comprehensive
  • Affordable
  • Specifically tailored
  • Properly covered

To ensure that we remain the #1 option for you to consider for your studio insurance needs, we have 3 full time insurance brokers on board with us so that we are dedicated to your growth and expansion. To keep up with your needs and wants, we have also added 5 new insurance carriers over the period of last 5 years. We take the time to understand your needs for the purpose of ensuring your business is protected.

Contact us Today and See How we Can Save you Time and Money

With our studio insurance policy, you can rest assured that you are trusting the right brokerage for your studio insurance needs. Our dedication to our clients is not just an extra service we provide rather a requirement in our business.

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