More Than 365 Other Modalities Covered

We cover over 365 other modalities, from Bikram Yoga to Hot Yoga and everything in between!

We at Lackner McLennan understand that Yoga is a multi-faceted practice. There are hundreds of styles, variations and techniques within the art of Yoga. Lets look at Bikram Yoga as an example. Whether you do Bikram, work with children, practice in your home or work at a Hot Yoga studio, our policy will cover you. We understand this community and its instructors thoroughly, especially with our work with Bikram Yoga. With our knowledge we have created a policy that is broad, easy to apply for and cost effective. Over the years and by working with 1000’s of instructors, we have been guided to create the perfect policy for this incredible community and are so proud to be a part of it – especially the coveted Hot Yoga practice and SUP Yoga practice. Our first realization came from our awareness that Hot Yoga can be practiced at a range of temperatures. To better protect our clients, we removed the restriction on temperature at which Hot Yoga can be practiced. We also learned that there are dozens of styles inside the practice of Yoga, ranging from Bikram Yoga to Power Yoga and crafted a policy to cover them all.

As a practitioner, your journey will inspire you to explore modalities such as GiGong, Pre-natal Yoga and Pilates. These modalities can be added to your policy free of charge. Hot Yoga practitioners often explore other techniques such as Acro, Foundation and Bikram Yoga. With the increased demand for Hot Yoga, our policy has expanded to be more comprehensive.

And yes, we even have the hots for Yoga!

Find your main modality and click the link to take you to the appropriate PDF application.