Thinking of becoming a new instructor

So you are thinking of becoming a new Yoga teacher? Congratulations, we imagine that over the last several years you have become quite fond of this community. We are very excited for you as you embark on a journey that will lead you to so many joys and opportunities of fulfillment. You have many choices ahead of you. Who will guide you through Yoga teacher training, where will you practice and will you learn Yoga Teacher Training in Toronto, your home town or a retreat in Bali?

You are going to have to consider Yoga insurance as part of your profession. It is as essential as your Yoga mat and the air you breathe. As a Yoga teacher in training, you may need insurance before you graduate, or have insurance in place before you enter the studio. Many schools in large cities like Toronto and Vancouver require Yoga teacher training candidates to have insurance before they even graduate. This will not be a challenge as we offer insurance to pending graduates.

Our insurance is the most inclusive available, has the fewest limitations on the practice of Yoga and the ability to include hundreds of similar modalities. Also by working with Yoga teacher training institutions in Toronto, Vancouver and around the world, we have geared the policy for all types and styles of Yoga, so you are not limited to where you practice.

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