Lackner McLennan Insurance offers Occurrence based coverage!

Lackner McLennan Insurance offers Occurrence based coverage!

Confused by insurance jargon? You are not alone!

One of the biggest differences in Yoga insurance policies is the whether the policy is “occurrence-based” or “claims made”. There is a HUGE difference and one you should be aware of in order to make the best purchasing decision.


Occurrence Based Coverage for our Yoga Instructor Specialists.

Occurrence based Yoga policies offer a lifetime coverage. Really? Yes, they do! Lackner McLennan Insurance only offers this type of coverage – Occurrence Based Yoga policies. Here’s an example. Let’s say you had a Yoga teacher policy with us for 5 years and then you decided to cancel because you were no longer a Yoga teacher. Perhaps a claim arises several years later. If the claimant can prove that the injury occurred within the timeframe that you paid for your policy, the coverages would apply. Great, huh? This is the SUPERIOR YOGA TEACHER POLICY.

Claims made policies are second best. They act like term life insurance. Once the premium stops, so does the coverage. Using the example above, you would not have any coverage at all. Nothing at all.

The decision for a Yoga Teacher insurance policy is really an easy one when you consider these facts. Choose Lackner McLennan Insurance and you will spend your money wisely by securing an amazing Yoga policy to protect you and your reputation. What could be easier? Contact Lackner McLennan today!