Do Claims Happen for Yoga Instructors?

Do Claims Happen for Yoga Instructors?


Yoga claims do happen. Make sure you’re covered.

Here at Lackner McLennan, we often get asked, do claims really happen for Yoga Instructors? The answer is yes, claims do happen, although the frequency is not every day.

Fortunately, at LMI we have worked hard with Novex Insurance to create a Yoga insurance policy that is affordable and comprehensive. Most often we get phone calls right after an accident happens and our clients are worried that their policy does not cover them. Settlements are not in the millions however the legal fees going into defending them get extremely costly, very quickly. As we tell our clients, if claims happened all the time and they were expensive would your insurance really be $225 a year?

Lackner McLennan is here to help you understand what you need and why. Please call us today to better understand your coverage and make sure you have the policy you need.

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