Animal Therapy Can Be Added to Your Yoga Instructor Policy Today

Animal Therapy Can Be Added to Your Yoga Instructor Policy Today

Fido, Spot, Tippy, Buddy… No matter what you call your dog, cat, horse or whatever pet you may have, they are a member of your family. Their unconditional love and attention to their human family members cannot be replaced.


Animal Therapy can be added to your Yoga policy or any other policy for just 25% above the base premium.

Many of the staff at Lackner McLennan Insurance have beloved pets too. We understand that some pets have special needs which can only be met using alternative methods like Reiki, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. That’s why we were so keen to offer insurance coverages for those practitioners who work with animals.

We are happy to offer additional coverage for animal therapies, subject to a couple of guidelines. The animal must be a domestic animal (no race horses) and valued at less than $10,000. You must have a training certificate which you can provide to us for your file.

In return, you can have animal therapy coverage for just 25% above the base premium of either $225 or $265/year. Not bad for the peace of mind that you have the extra coverage you need to work with animals.

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The Leading Provider of Yoga Insurance in Canada


Here are some reasons why we beat our competitors every day:

  • NO extra charge for most additional modalitiesLeading-Provider-Yoga
  • NO extra charge for Moksha
  • Mastercard and Visa accepted
  • Bank payment option is available
  • NO NSF fee
  • Online/phone banking available
  • NO age restrictions for participants
  • Weight limit of 40 lbs for one on one training
  • NO restriction or increased premium for teaching
  • Animal Therapy now offered
  • NO tax charged outside of Ontario
  • Yoga students who are close to completion of training can get full coverage
  • Most modalities do not require a certificate submitted

Occurrence Based Yoga Policy vs. Claims Made


LMI’s Occurrence Based Yoga Policy will protect you.

There are so many options available to Yoga Teachers in Canada. Everything from different limits, insurance deductibles, coverages, the list can go on and on. But as a Yoga teacher in Canada, one of the biggest concerns you should have is whether your Yoga policy is claims made or occurrence based. This question was brought up recently by Chelsie, from B.C., Canada. She had done some research into the differences of the two and didn’t understand them very well.

To help her understand we gave Chelsie the following example, putting her right into a possible situation. Claims made policies evaporate as soon as they are cancelled. So, Chelsie is working as a Yoga teacher and a client falls during their practice in July. At the time they seem okay so she thinks nothing of it. Chelsie works mainly in the summer, so she cancels her policy in the fall and continues her career leaving her profession as a Yoga teacher behind. Now if Chelsie has a claims made policy and that following December she gets papers filed and is brought into a lawsuit because the client that fell the summer before is actually chronically injured, she has NO COVERAGE. But if she had insurance from LMI, Canada’s largest provider of Yoga insurance in Canada, her policy would be Occurrence based and she would have coverage from the incident the summer before. That is a massive difference in a Yoga insurance policy. You never know when an accident could come back to draw you into a lawsuit. And only an occurrence based policy is there to protect you as Yoga teacher at any time!

Hope that helps! Click to hear more answers to inquiries about Yoga.

Yoga Teachers Covered by Intact Insurance

Barb called the other day and really wanted to know who was going to protect her in the event of a Yoga-Insurance-Intact-logoclaim as a Yoga teacher. Barb has a great point as a Yoga teacher holding an insurance policy, she wanted to know who is going to come to her defense in the event of a claim.

Since claims can be frivolous against instructors such as Barb, you want to know that the insurance company is going to defend you to the best of their abilities. The Yoga Teacher insurance policy from LMI is backed by Intact Insurance, Canada’s Largest insurance company. 20 Years ago, LMI Partnered Novex, a division of Intact insurance to create a program that would become the largest Yoga teacher insurance provider in Canada. We have an excellent relationship with them and when our clients’ call reporting a claim we have a stream lined and comprehensive procedure which leaves our clients feeling satisfied. Often even the name of Intact is enough to subside frivolous claims by the sheer presence their name possesses in the insurance community. In the end Barb felt satisfied that her Yoga teacher policy with LMI would defend her in the event of a claim. Thanks Barb for the great feedback and to Intact (Novex) for covering the Yoga community every day!

Lackner McLennan Insurance offers Occurrence based coverage!

Confused by insurance jargon? You are not alone!

One of the biggest differences in Yoga insurance policies is the whether the policy is “occurrence-based” or “claims made”. There is a HUGE difference and one you should be aware of in order to make the best purchasing decision.


Occurrence Based Coverage for our Yoga Instructor Specialists.

Occurrence based Yoga policies offer a lifetime coverage. Really? Yes, they do! Lackner McLennan Insurance only offers this type of coverage – Occurrence Based Yoga policies. Here’s an example. Let’s say you had a Yoga teacher policy with us for 5 years and then you decided to cancel because you were no longer a Yoga teacher. Perhaps a claim arises several years later. If the claimant can prove that the injury occurred within the timeframe that you paid for your policy, the coverages would apply. Great, huh? This is the SUPERIOR YOGA TEACHER POLICY.

Claims made policies are second best. They act like term life insurance. Once the premium stops, so does the coverage. Using the example above, you would not have any coverage at all. Nothing at all.

The decision for a Yoga Teacher insurance policy is really an easy one when you consider these facts. Choose Lackner McLennan Insurance and you will spend your money wisely by securing an amazing Yoga policy to protect you and your reputation. What could be easier? Contact Lackner McLennan today!