Yoga Teachers Covered by Intact Insurance

Yoga Teachers Covered by Intact Insurance

Barb called the other day and really wanted to know who was going to protect her in the event of a Yoga-Insurance-Intact-logoclaim as a Yoga teacher. Barb has a great point as a Yoga teacher holding an insurance policy, she wanted to know who is going to come to her defense in the event of a claim.

Since claims can be frivolous against instructors such as Barb, you want to know that the insurance company is going to defend you to the best of their abilities. The Yoga Teacher insurance policy from LMI is backed by Intact Insurance, Canada’s Largest insurance company. 20 Years ago, LMI Partnered Novex, a division of Intact insurance to create a program that would become the largest Yoga teacher insurance provider in Canada. We have an excellent relationship with them and when our clients’ call reporting a claim we have a stream lined and comprehensive procedure which leaves our clients feeling satisfied. Often even the name of Intact is enough to subside frivolous claims by the sheer presence their name possesses in the insurance community. In the end Barb felt satisfied that her Yoga teacher policy with LMI would defend her in the event of a claim. Thanks Barb for the great feedback and to Intact (Novex) for covering the Yoga community every day!

Lackner McLennan Insurance offers Occurrence based coverage!

Confused by insurance jargon? You are not alone!

One of the biggest differences in Yoga insurance policies is the whether the policy is “occurrence-based” or “claims made”. There is a HUGE difference and one you should be aware of in order to make the best purchasing decision.


Occurrence Based Coverage for our Yoga Instructor Specialists.

Occurrence based Yoga policies offer a lifetime coverage. Really? Yes, they do! Lackner McLennan Insurance only offers this type of coverage – Occurrence Based Yoga policies. Here’s an example. Let’s say you had a Yoga teacher policy with us for 5 years and then you decided to cancel because you were no longer a Yoga teacher. Perhaps a claim arises several years later. If the claimant can prove that the injury occurred within the timeframe that you paid for your policy, the coverages would apply. Great, huh? This is the SUPERIOR YOGA TEACHER POLICY.

Claims made policies are second best. They act like term life insurance. Once the premium stops, so does the coverage. Using the example above, you would not have any coverage at all. Nothing at all.

The decision for a Yoga Teacher insurance policy is really an easy one when you consider these facts. Choose Lackner McLennan Insurance and you will spend your money wisely by securing an amazing Yoga policy to protect you and your reputation. What could be easier? Contact Lackner McLennan today!

Questioning whether there are certain restrictions to a Yoga Insurance policy in Canada?


LMI provides a policy that is completely comprehensive with no restrictions for athletes, on the number of participants in a Yoga class and we also cover multiple types of Yoga.

Stephanie from Ontario, Canada is a committed Yoga teacher practicing in the Yoga community for the last 18 years. 4 years ago she was told by the Yoga studio she works at that she had to show them proof of insurance. Since then, she’s had a Yoga insurance policy with Lackner McLennan. Each year she renews, she writes on the Yoga renewal form how glad she is that LMI does not exclude athletes or have any age restriction. It is something we strive to provide the Yoga community, quality service and a policy that is completely comprehensive. We want to provide Yoga instructors with a policy that they don’t have to think twice about. There are no restrictions for athletes, on the number of participants in a Yoga class and we also cover multiple types of Yoga.

Visit our Yoga FAQs page more questions people have inquired about.

Our comprehensive Yoga Insurance policy includes coverages you need!

Commercial General Liability Yoga

Our comprehensive Yoga Insurance policy includes coverages you need like Commercial General Liability.

Why do you like to practice Yoga? What attracted you to it in the first place? Recently Karen, a Yoga Instructor from Newmarket, Ontario shared her experience with us.

Karen was attracted to Yoga as a way to relax her body. As an avid runner, hockey player and sports enthusiast, she suffered some back and joint problems. As she developed her skill with the Yoga movements, she felt relief. Not only did she experience physical relief but her mind and spirit and even her soul felt “so good”. Karen loved it so much that she took the 200-hour course to become a certified Yoga teacher.

Karen feels that a good Yoga teacher in Canada “meets you where you’re at”. A Yoga teacher should not have the same expectations of each student but, rather, allow each one to develop individually at their own pace.

As Karen shared her story, the passion for Yoga could be heard in her voice. We believe, after speaking with thousands of Yoga teachers across Canada, that it is that passion which drives each Yogi or Yogini to pursue their goal – whatever that may be.

Our comprehensive Yoga insurance policy is designed to protect your reputation in the marketplace. Yes, claims do occur with Yoga teachers. One of the most important coverages is Commercial General Liability (CGL). This refers to situations where Yoga teachers have little control. One example is if a client slips and falls, causing personal injury. The Yoga teacher may find their name involved in a lawsuit because the injured person is seeking compensation for the injury. Without Yoga insurance, would you have the money to compensate someone for a broken back or a broken leg? Likely not. Let us help you. Apply for Yoga insurance with Lackner McLennan today and make sure you’re covered.

Starting your own Yoga studio or individual business?

starting your own yoga studio

Protect your investment by choosing one of our superior insurance policies for Yoga Individuals or Yoga Studios.

Starting your own Yoga Studio or individual business? The beginning of anything new brings lots of emotions – excitement, nervousness and extra stress, but those emotions can actually help you along your journey to achieving your goal as a Yoga teacher. Shelly, a Yoga instructor from Manitoba, Canada tells us that the secret is to keep your eyes on the goal and you will succeed. Also, be sure to seek support from others in the Yoga Community in Canada.

Protect your investment by choosing one of our superior insurance policies for Yoga Individuals or Yoga Studios. We are here to help all Yoga Instructors across Canada achieve their goal!

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