The Toronto Yoga Conference and Show

The Toronto Yoga Conference and Show

The Toronto Yoga Conference and Show is fast approaching, March 31st – April 2nd, 2017 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Make sure to to stop by booth 709 to say hello!

The Yoga Garden

The Yoga Garden

Last year we had an amazing time meeting fabulous new friends and having the opportunity to chat with our clients in the Yoga community who protect themselves with Yoga Insurance offered by Lackner McLennan. This year, you can attend the show floor Exhibits, Yoga Garden, Cultural Arts and Lecture area. We’re giving away a Yoga mat a day, so make sure to enter to win!

We love their modo – “Live, Love, Laugh, Sample, Sip, Shop, Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate” and we’ll add that you should stop by our booth and visit Lackner McLennan, Canada’s largest insurance provider for Yoga teachers and Yoga studios! 🙂 See you there!

Professionalism Amongst the Yoga Community

Yoga Instructor Professionals

Yoga Instructor Professionals

Yoga is a great profession and the community itself, really supports one another with teaching others and holding each other accountable to great professional standings. That is why the Yoga insurance policy from LMI, is so affordable; Because of the effort Yoga teachers, Yoga studio owners and Yoga students all put into it. There is no regulatory body and associations give memberships values, but no standardization of their practice. While LMI respects the associations’ part of the community, we don’t consider them part of the process when it comes to Yoga teacher insurance, as they have no bearing on the degree of professionalism a teacher would have. We are very proud to offer amazing Yoga teacher insurance for both association members and stand alone Yoga teachers. Learn more by contacting us today or apply online for your Yoga teacher insurance.

Too Little Too Late.


Don’t Get Caught Without Yoga Insurance.

At Lackner McLennan Insurance, we believe there is nothing worse than receiving a phone call from a client saying they MEANT to buy a Yoga insurance policy, but a claim happened before they could. Melissa was instructing a class and she had a client slip and fall while doing a pose. This kind of situation breaks our hearts. This is a big reason why we try and make buying a Yoga Insurance policy quick and affordable. You can pay right on line and we are always available to answer your questions. Remember, a Yoga insurance policy doesn’t come into effect after a claim has happened. Get the coverage you need today.

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Do Claims Happen for Yoga Instructors?


Yoga claims do happen. Make sure you’re covered.

Here at Lackner McLennan, we often get asked, do claims really happen for Yoga Instructors? The answer is yes, claims do happen, although the frequency is not every day.

Fortunately, at LMI we have worked hard with Novex Insurance to create a Yoga insurance policy that is affordable and comprehensive. Most often we get phone calls right after an accident happens and our clients are worried that their policy does not cover them. Settlements are not in the millions however the legal fees going into defending them get extremely costly, very quickly. As we tell our clients, if claims happened all the time and they were expensive would your insurance really be $225 a year?

Lackner McLennan is here to help you understand what you need and why. Please call us today to better understand your coverage and make sure you have the policy you need.

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Yoga Insurance – No Membership Fee Required


Relax, no membership fees required.

Susan G. recently came to Lackner McLennan for her Yoga teacher insurance for the most common reason; she was tired of paying for membership fees just to get cheap Yoga teacher insurance. This is the #1 reason people seem join associations; the idea insurance will be cheaper. Insurance from (Lackner McLennan) does not require a membership fee, which in turn saves you money and those pesky newsletters. Instead, we focus on offering broad, cost effective Yoga insurance with comprehensive coverage.

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