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New Yoga Teachers


Congratulations on becoming a new Yoga teacher! Did you perhaps graduate from a Yoga Alliance registered school or get your certificate abroad? Wherever you graduated, you are now a certified Yoga teacher. As a new Yoga teacher, you are operating a business as a Yoga instructor and you require a professional Yoga insurance policy. This Yoga insurance policy needs to be designed for new Yoga teachers and be completely comprehensive and managed by a Yoga insurance industry professional brokerage.

We understand you just spent many hours studying and perfecting your practice and you are eager to guide your first group of students through Yoga. You may be concerned about the challenges facing you on this journey. Here at Lackner McLennan, we pride ourselves in helping new Yoga teachers join their community and get comprehensive insurance coverage in one easy step.

There are many associations such as the Yoga Alliance which offer insurance with members. The policy at Lackner McLennan has NO membership fee. We also know that as a new Yoga teacher you may find yourself in a variety of new environments. Wherever you may work a studio, local community centre or your own home, we have coverage for you. We welcome all new Yoga teachers to this Canada-wide community that we have been protecting and servicing for the last 20 years.

For more information, visit the Yoga Instructors page for teacher information!

From our brokerage to your practice… Namaste!