Animal Therapy Can Be Added to Your Yoga Instructor Policy Today

Animal Therapy Can Be Added to Your Yoga Instructor Policy Today

Fido, Spot, Tippy, Buddy… No matter what you call your dog, cat, horse or whatever pet you may have, they are a member of your family. Their unconditional love and attention to their human family members cannot be replaced.


Animal Therapy can be added to your Yoga policy or any other policy for just 25% above the base premium.

Many of the staff at Lackner McLennan Insurance have beloved pets too. We understand that some pets have special needs which can only be met using alternative methods like Reiki, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. That’s why we were so keen to offer insurance coverages for those practitioners who work with animals.

We are happy to offer additional coverage for animal therapies, subject to a couple of guidelines. The animal must be a domestic animal (no race horses) and valued at less than $10,000. You must have a training certificate which you can provide to us for your file.

In return, you can have animal therapy coverage for just 25% above the base premium of either $225 or $265/year. Not bad for the peace of mind that you have the extra coverage you need to work with animals.

Call or email us today for more details about this exciting coverage!